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After the End

Divadlo Na Prádle, Besední 3, Praha 1 - Malá Strana, 118 00


Datum a čas konání

21. 9. 2017
22. 9. 2017

When everything’s gone, all you have is each other…

An explosion… a cloud… chaos…. Louise wakes to find herself in her co-worker Mark’s fallout shelter. They cannot leave, but can they stand to stay together until it’s safe? This fast-paced, claustrophobic work by award-winning playwright Dennis Kelly examines modern society’s fears while exploring the interpersonal dynamics of being trapped together with a person you thought you knew.

After the End has been called “arresting” and said to have “tremendous claustrophobic force” (The Guardian), “a tense-two hander…. Kelly’s taut, expletive-ridden script is…an absorbing and sharply delivered exploration of human behavior, pushed to extremes” (The Independent) and “Terrifying… [with] dark political undertones… a quest for power and status that finds expression in a war-seeking, paranoid racism that is all too recognisable in every western culture” (The Scotsman).

This is “In-yer-face theatre”. Adult content, language and situations — appropriate for 18 years and older only.

In English with Czech surtitles.

author > Dennis Kelly

presented by > Alabaster Cat and Prague Shakespeare Company

directed by > Derek & Debbie DeWitt

starring > Karel Heřmánek, Jr. & Victoria Hogan

length > 1 h 30 min (no intermission)

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