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Top Prague Events

Throughout the world, Prague is known primarily as a historical city, whose sights make it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It would be a shame, however, if Prague stuck in the public’s consciousness only as a living museum, a historic preservation zone, or as an architecture textbook. Above all, it’s a city for people, a city brought to life every year by a wide spectrum of events and festivals, many of which have gained international renown over time and are a great reason to visit. Prague is a major cultural metropolis, the stage for a diverse range of events that help create its unforgettable charm.

Despite the fact that most of the events have arisen relatively recently, they’ve quickly become popular with both city residents and visitors. In recent years, in addition to traditional festivals, other types of events have become popular, whose audiences are not mere spectators but rather active participants. Sports events have grown in number and popularity, gradually moving out of stadiums and sports facilities into the city’s streets. Arts and culture have also become part of the public space, often breaking out of their brick and mortar “homes” to mingle with their new public.

From the countless events that our capital city hosts every year, we’ve selected the most interesting. They represent theatre, film, modern and classical music, design, lights, as well as sports. We look forward to meeting you at some of them.


Selected events