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Portrait parlé & Paradiso

Jatka78, Bubenské nábřeží 13, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00
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24. 11. 2016

Portrait parlé

A three-act picturesque vision verges on the art of site-specific and reflects our times, the society's characteristics here and now. A word as a movement — the way it can be used — abused — misused. There are thousands of interpretations. Are we still able to weave all those tiny details into a complex picture? Or shall we put up with a heap of unfinished sketches?

In a dance essay on the notorious question of the fine line between illusion and reality, Nataša Novotná transforms the foyer and the stage into a mythical space. The relevant is expressed through the environment, the situation, the sensation, the symbol, the perspective and the energy of an individual or a group. This is a world where a tiny detail, physical prowess, fragility and power are above words.

choreography: Nataša Novotná

performed by: Šárka Bočková, Tamara Kšírová, Sylva Nečasová/Nataša Novotná, Milan Odstrčil and Vojtěch Rak.


Joy that makes us want to sing and dance. Joy that makes us believe we can do it all. Just like Elvis.. Even just that one second, when stars and the whole universe ally is worth living for. Hell and Paradise are not places, they're states of mind. And the state of mind is pretty clear: sing and dance. Just like Elvis did: "A little less conversation, a little more action please."

choreography: Václav Kuneš & the dancers

performed by: Nikol Šneiderová, Lukáš Lepold and Vojtěch Rak.


length: 1 h

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