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Jiří Příhoda: Statues

Prague City Gallery - Troja Castle (Zámek Troja), U Trojského zámku 1, Praha 7 - Troja, 171 00
Web:, e-mail:
tel.: +420283851614


1. 4. 2016 – 31. 10. 2016

Jiří Příhoda (* 1966) is a sculptor moving on the thin line between object and architecture. His monumental works often use new technologies and materials, which the author takes from industrial production. Initial shapes and functions of his objects help to create a futuristic atmosphere. The exhibition in the interiors and exteriors of the Troja Castle brings a combination of old and brand new realizations and builds on last year's successful project of Václav Cigler, who first covered these two distinct territories which this Baroque villa and its magnificent gardens offer.

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