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The Snow Queen

National Theatre (Národní divadlo), Národní 2, Praha 1 - Nové Město, 110 00



24. 1. 2018
27. 1. 2018
13.00 a 18.00
3. 2. 2018
14.00 a 19.00
3. 3. 2018
14.00 a 19.00
10. 3. 2018
14. 3. 2018

The evil Queen casts a spell on the little boy Kai by means of a shard from the magic mirror and imprisons him in her world, in which there is no room for love.

The famous fairy tale by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen about the invincible power of friendship, which can prevail over evil itself in all its forms, has never ceased to touch the hearts of readers and viewers. The well-known story has been adapted into several film and theatre versions. The work’s ballet version was created by the renowned choreographer Michael Corder in 2007 for English National Ballet to Sergey Prokofiev’s music. The acclaimed production will now be presented to Czech audiences on our prime stage.

State opera.

author: Sergei Prokofiev

libretto: Michael Corder
choreography & stage direction: Michael Corder
sets and costumes: Mark Bailey
light-design: Paul Pyant
musical preparation: Václav Zahradník
conductor: Václav Zahradník, Sergej Poluektov
assistant choreographer: Yuri Uchiumi, Marilyn Vella-Gatt

cast: Alina Nanu/Nikola Márová/Miho Ogimoto, Magdaléna Matějková/Andrea Kramešová/Alexandra Pera, Ondřej Vinklát/Matěj Šust/Karel Audy ...

running time: 2 h 35 min (two intermissions)

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