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The Lists of Infinity

Alfred ve Dvoře Theatre, Františka Křížka 36, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00



27. 11. 2017
29. 11. 2017
30. 11. 2017

The hushed opera. Hommage à Umberto Eco.

This “hushed” opera is composed of lists, series, catalogues and indexes, beginning with the most familiar such as the alphabet or the table of the elements. The lists may feel banal — or also dizzying, for instance when it comes to the fantastic imaginary cities of Italo Calvino or the images of an “incomprehensible universe” in the magical stories of Jorge Luis Borges. But the main sources of inspiration for the creators of this opera format were Umberto Eco and his voluminous book The Infinity of Lists.

Appearing in the main roles along with countertenor Jan Mikušek are the actor-speakers of Boca Loca Lab, who — under the direction of Jiří Adámek — are accustomed to musically precise instructions, detailed voice work, and the perfect interplay of rhythmically stylized spoken word.

In Czech with English translation.

directed by > Jiří Adámek

music > Martin Smolka

speakers > Vendula Holičková, Bára Mišíková, Pavol Smolárik and Daniel Šváb.

countertenor > Jan Mikušek

with the Pavel Bořkovec String Quartet > Alexej Aslamas (violin), Ondřej Hás (violin), Matěj Kroupa (viola) and Štěpán Drtina (cello)

piano > Jana Holmanová

harp > Hedvika Mousa Bacha

performance length > 1 h 15 min

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