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HILT Black Light Theatre and Shadow Theatre Prague, Karoliny Světlé 18, Praha 1 - Staré Město, 110 00



19. 8. 2017
26. 8. 2017

Shadow theatre...

Cinderella has already been subject to various stage and film adaptations worldwide. Black light theater HILT Prague has staged this story of a poor girl who enchants a wealthy prince with her good soul and charm, in the form of shadow theater. The performance is based on contemporary modern dance and on the magic of shadows in combination with magical projections. This creates a very spectacular effects on the canvas right before the audience's eyes.

Shadow theater is the worldwide theatrical hit in recent years. Since the times of ancient China when it was performed by magicians as a shadow on the screen using light of a candle flame, a lot has changed. Modern technology offers a combination of projection and shadows of a live actor. Many theater groups stunned the world in a variety of TV talent competitions with their magical shadow scenes.

Black light theater HILT comes as the first Czech theater with the whole performance of shadow theater on a permanent stage in Prague. The spectators can see the love story of Cinderella and the prince in the original version.

script, directed and music: Theodor Hoidekr

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