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Army Museum Žižkov - permanent expositions

Army Museum Žižkov (Armádní muzeum Žižkov), U Památníku 2, Praha 3 - Žižkov, 130 05


permanent exhibition

The exposition is divided into three large sections. The first is dedicated to the period of the World War 1 (1914 to 1918), the involvement of Czech and Slovak people in the war, and the political and military events that resulted in the constitution of the independent Czechoslovak Republic. The second section is dedicated to the Czechoslovak republic and its armed forces between the world wars, and the third section maps the period of the World War 2, and the involvement of the Czech and Slovak people in the military operations, home resistance and other events aimed at restoring the independence of Czechoslovakia.

The museum displays the history of the 1st, 2nd, and (since February 2003) also the 3rd anti-communist resistance, the history of the Czechoslovak army between 1918 and 1939, and the persecution of the Czechoslovak soldiers after the coup in February 1948. In addition to weapons, the exhibitions show many unique uniforms, banners, marks of distinction, and also personal memorabilia of the Czechoslovak presidents and leading army representatives.

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