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25. 10. 2016
26. 10. 2016

The Roots production tells a poetic and at the same time rough history of circus art told through the personal stories of protagonists.

The way how each of them got to the circus differs from person to person. They are meeting on this stage, right here and right now to show us the great things. Roots represents a second part of a trilogy Family Roots in Black Black Woods.

The first part of the shows demonstrates development of circus from the first half of the twentieth century up to year 1989, which meant a really radical turning point for many of the creative team members. Fall of the Iron Curtain means at the same time a linkage between the Cirk La Putyka and prestigious cabaret Chamäleon, for which in fact, the performance was planned.

Second part of a play was inspired by life stories of eight protagonists. Someone finished professional circus school in Canada, someone in Sweden and someone didn’t study at all; becoming however professional artists step by step, with each passing year.  Some of the artist travelled the whole world, gaining experience at various scenes, enjoyed some great tours and worked their way through to the original creative handwriting.

The auditorium will be in "cabaret style", with food and drinks served in the beginning of each half of the performance. We therefore recommend to get to your seats in advance, not at 7:25-7:30 pm, so you can order in time. The theatre will be open one and a half hour before the show. Thank you.

Cirk La Putyka

concept & direction: Rostislav Novák ml.

choreography: Šárka Bočková & Alexandr Volný

cast: Lisa Matilda Angberg, Michal Boltnar, Vojtěch Fülep, Jiří Kohout, Daniel Komarov, Ethan Law, Mira Leonard, Esmeralda Nikolajeff and Jiří Weissmann.

length: 1 h 40 min

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