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Wax Taylor/FR

Lucerna Music Bar, Vodičkova 36, Praha 1 - Nové Město, 110 00
Web:, e-mail:
tel.: +420224217108, +420224215957


16. 12. 2016

Wax Tailor is one of the leading voices of the instrumental hip-hop and downtempo scenes. With 4 albums under his belt as well as 2 live albums, over 600 shows in 50 countries, he entices fans worldwide with a unique musical blend of Hip-Hop, Soul and Funk enhanced by a sense of storytelling akin to a film director’s. On the 3rd of June he released the single “I Had a Woman” from the upcoming album, which will be released this autumn. On the 16th of December he will perform in the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague.

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