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Ponec Theatre, Husitská 24a, Praha 3 - Žižkov, 130 00


3. 4. 2017

We are very well aware of what is lack of freedom. But do we know what freedom is?

Let’s indulge in lack of freedom, if only for a while. The pleasure of confinement and predetermination, erasing all doubts. The situation where all that takes place despite the limited space is exceptional, fragile and precious.

Lack of freedom. Something we fear. The impossibility to take a decision. To leave when we want to leave, wherever we want to go with whomever we want to. To do whatever we want to. Seeing an immense ocean of possibilities that remain forbidden to us.

directed by: Jiří Havelka

choreography & dance: Veronika Knytlová/Marta Trpišovská, Tereza Ondrová, Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Karolína Hejnová, Robert Nižník, Jaro Ondruš/Radoslav Piovarči and Petr Opavský/Michael Vodenka.

duration: 55 min

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