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Image Theatre, Národní 25, Praha 1 - Staré Město, 110 00



28. 6. 2017 – 29. 6. 2017
5. 7. 2017 – 6. 7. 2017
13. 7. 2017
19. 7. 2017 – 20. 7. 2017
30. 8. 2017 – 31. 8. 2017

The sky full of stars which never seems to change, but is actually full of emerging and disappearing stars, galaxies, mysterious nebulae and black holes.

This amazing scenery together with the ancient desire of people to connect their destinies to the movements of the heavenly bodies have inspired performance Galaxia. Cold beauty of the infinite universe, dark, yet full of colours and moving objects calls for its adaptation in the black theatre that provides authors and actors with almost unlimited possibilities and where the boundaries between the real and the impossible are blurred.

We have exchanged pure science for the theatre poetics, computer systems for dancing, music and unique black theatre effects. Let yourself be carried away by an amusing story about ordinary human relationships, which may be more or less affected by the position of the stars and horoscopes compiled by astrologers. Let's move in space and time to an unspecified past and into places, where you can almost touch the stars.

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