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Counterpoint (Scenes from the World of Movement)

Alta Studio, U Výstaviště 21, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00



2. 10. 2017

A counterpoint of two contrasting energies on the edge of perfection. Movement inspired by the microscopic world of insects. Performance is co-produced by the theatre Alfred ve dvoře.

A counterpoint of two bodies in space, two individuals, two forces of nature. A dance/movement duet based on the mutual interaction of contrasting energies, created and performed by two experienced and internationally recognised dancer/choreographers Andrea Miltnerová and Rita Góbi, with minimalist lighting design by Jan Komárek.

Counterpoint is inspired by nature and the fascinating microscopic world of insects. The precisely executed choreography comprises instinctively generated movements in which the human and the animal constantly intertwine. The performers cocoon themselves in their own movement which supplies them with the oxygen they need to survive their fragile, ephemeral life on stage.

The dynamic nature of Counterpoint is not determined simply by the subject matter or the differences between the two dancers, but also by Jan Komárek’s sensitve sound and lighting design which, together with the choreography, creates a unified, specific world on stage.

Counterpoint is complex yet clearly defined dance movement on the edge of perfection.

concept > Andrea Miltnerová

choreography and performed by > Andrea Miltnerová and Rita Góbi

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