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Your Mother at My Door

Alfred ve Dvoře Theatre, Františka Křížka 36, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00
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tel.: +420233376985


20. 10. 2016

Hungarian dancers László Fülöp and Emese Cuhorka figuring out where time that is seemingly wasted actually goes to.

If something like spent time uselessly actually really existed... Where do things like time, feelings, or sometimes even you yourself or other people go to when they disappear? And how and why? What exactly is the nature of this magic — or the magic of this nature? Emese Cuhorka and László Fülöp try to unfold this mystical and complex phenomenon in a personal, honest and amusing way.

Laszlo's work tends to be about the contrasts between two moving bodies, two extraordinary persons, two separately focussed minds. In Fulop's own words: "I focus on the performers’ personalities and try to avoid any generalizations, spectacular elements and classical dance aesthetics, which may divert the attention from the analyzed phenomenon".

In Your Mother at My Door, we join Laszlo and his colleague in the pressure cooker of the dance studio. While a deconstructed version of Dvořak's New World Symphony sets the pace, they race against time to finish an unfinishable work. For how can the ethereal Emese Cuhorka's craving for a final, focussed, perfectly executed form ever work with mercurial Lazslo Fulop's spontaneity fetish and unfettered anarchy in dance to create a masterpiece?

categorizing of snowflakes – fidgeting at dinner – psychology of the laundry – I am not the stupid one – put off today’s duties till tomorrow – I’m getting older – pondering about the pencil going blunt – you should have said that yesterday – the other one’s snuffling – absorbed in someone else – what do they think of me – why can’t you just understand it...

co-creators and performers: Emese Cuhorka, László Fülöp

performance length: 50 min

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