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38th International Jazz Festival Praha

Reduta Jazz Club, Národní 20, Praha 1 - Nové Město, 110 00
Web:, e-mail:
tel.: +420224933487


1. 10. 2016 – 6. 11. 2016

The Prague will host another famous jazz event - this time the 38th year of one of the oldest jazz fests in Europe. Many phenomenal concerts can be seen in the Reduta Jazz Club, one of the top ten European jazz clubs and one of the oldest as well. An audience will be pleased by the intimacy of the club and by the procession of stars, such as Lorenzo Thompson called Mr. Blues, or Walter Phishbacher, a marvelous pianist that celebrates his birthday in a club. We are also looking forward to see Norweigan indie jazz singer Live Foyn Friis or Israeli multigenre guitarist Inbar Fridman. The Czech jazz devoters will be please by a master of all wind instruments Jiří Stivín, or by an excellent trumpeter Jan Hasenöhrl, who’ll play the tribute to Herbie Hancock.  

A highlight of the event will be one of the most famous Italian trumpeter, great Fabrizio Bosso. The holder of many jazz awards and one of the most prolific Italian musicians is loved both by the critiques and the audience from his very start. And today, already a star, he will be seen at two concerts. The first one, more intimate and in a close contact with the spectators, will be hosted by Reduta Jazz Club. The second one will be in a high style, hosted by Municipal Library of Prague.

Many other brilliant musicians will play in Reduta Jazz Club, from all around the countries. The Reduta Team will inform about every concert and we hope that this year’s event will be just as fruitful as the past years were. We also believe that both the musicians and the audience will be pleased and delighted by every gig in the next month.

The tickets shall are available online via online applications GOOUT and TICKETPORTAL, or in Reduta Jazz Club at the address Národní 116/20, Praha 1, Czech Republic.
More info, for reservation please call the number +420 224 933 487 or contact us on the e-mail adress

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