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Slips Inside

Palác Akropolis, Kubelíkova 1548/27, Praha 3 - Žižkov, 130 00
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tel.: +420296330913, +420296330911


4. 11. 2016

Get ready for the great, the extraordinary, the unbelievable… underwear jump!

Performed by a skinny, bespectacled man and a short, stocky man wearing an aviator cap, this high-flying exploit is the crowning moment of Slips Inside, the latest irresistable show by Okidok. Clad only in their underpants, Albert and Baudoin compete to see who can perform the most incredible number of push-ups, the most beautiful dance routine, the most devastating kung fu move…

Winner of the Grand Prize at the Milano Clown Festival in 2009, this Belgian duo brings us an incredible farce. With no words, no props and no soundtrack beyond the laughter of a delighted audience, Okidok give free rein to their hilarious creativity and the crowd eats it up.

staging: Okidok and Louis Spagna

devised and performed by: Xavier Bouvier and Benoit Devos

length of performance: 1 h 10 min

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