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Chef Time Fest

AvantGarde, Evropská 17, Praha 6 - Dejvice, 160 00
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23. 1. 2018
25. 1. 2018
30. 1. 2018

The best chefs in Prague – in one place in one time.

The festival full of gastronomy experiences in the restaurant AvantGarde.

During the five evening, lovers of good food and drink can spend their time with chefs, observe chefs´ duels and learn their tricks during cooking courses.

The programme features following events:

2x chefs’ duels

2x dinner with chefs, who have prepared menu

Other events which will be attended by celebrities (chefs): Radek David, Honza Kvasnička, Marek Šáda, Petr Hajný, Jan Beneš, Jiří Král, Tomáš Polák, Tomáš Levý, Ondřej Koráb, Tomáš Kněž, Marek Fichtner, Karolína Koncincová, Petr Vlásek

Further on, guests can look forward to tasting of Premier Wines, which has paired courses during the last editions of festival.

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