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Restaurant Day

Prague - various places


20. 8. 2017

Restaurant Day is a festival of good food and drink. Everyone can open a restaurant on a predetermined day - café or bar.

WHERE: Anywhere - at home, in the office, on the street, on the porch, in the yard, in a park on the waterfront in an abandoned factory hal, community center - imagination has no limits.
HOW : The restaurant with more original concept will attract more customers. Just bring good food, exactly what you like. The aim of the Restaurant Day is to spread good cheer and rejoice together with food prepared with love. The restaurant can be opened completely by yourself, with a friend, a friend with a bunch of ... it's just up to you.
REGISTRATION: Help your prospective clients to find their way into your restaurant and register:
You can not find any restaurant in the area? Take courage, friends and family and fulfill your own culinary dream. To attend Restaurant Day is easy, and yet so much fun!

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