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Puppets and Family Puppet Theatres at Letná

Galerie Scarabeus, Jana Zajíce 7, Praha 7 - Bubeneč, 170 00


22. 2. 2017 – 30. 9. 2017

The exhibition presents mostly family puppet theatre from 1918 -1938. The visitors will see pro-scenia, curtains, coulisses, marionets, furniture and interior stage accessories, designed by different fine artists. Family puppet theatre followed the tradition of the aristocrat theatre; many of them were created in art-oriented patriotic families. Therefore, the history of these theatres is connected with the name of Czech painters such as Mikoláš Aleš, Josef and Amálie Mánes, sculptor Bohuslav Sucharda and others. Also now, this type of theatre can be used for creative inter-generation games, which enable the development of fantasy, art sensitivity and children vocabulary. The exhibition was organised to pay a homage of having put the Puppetry in Slovakia and Chechia on the list of UNESCO.

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