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In the Service of English Noblemen: Václav Hollar

National Gallery in Prague – Schwarzenberg Palace (Národní galerie v Praze – Schwarzenberský palác), Hradčanské náměstí 2, Praha 1 - Hradčany, 110 00


12. 9. 2017 – 31. 12. 2017

Václav Hollar (1607-1677) was a distinguished engraver. In 1636 he attracted the notice of the famous art collector Thomas Howard, count of Arundel and Surrey and he went with him to England processing and organizing his huge collections; at that time, he created a number of portraits, maps and veduts, portraited his employer and draw his residency and its surroundings. Between 1644 and 1652 the artist lived in Antwerp, where he captured his famous cycle of butterflies and other insects or draw craft design drafts based on Hans Holbain. He died in London. Hollar worked also for members of the Stuarts family and other noble clients.

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