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Sport during the Great War

National Museum – National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill (Národní muzeum – Národní památník na Vítkově), U Památníku 1900, Praha 3 - Žižkov, 130 00


19. 5. 2017 – 11. 2. 2018

The first global conflict in modern history left its indelible mark on the world, most particularly in the huge loss of human life – the number of dead and maimed people on all sides of the conflict. The brutality of the fighting on the front and the suffering of millions of people in the hinterlands of the warring countries brought about not only the end of a whole era, but also a transformation of many aspects of society, sports and physical education being no exception.

The initial part of the exhibition Sports during the Great War is dedicated to the silencing of the Olympic ideal, which connected nations in the field of sports. The subsequent part of the exhibition will map the period when war divided nations on the battlefield. You will learn about the activities of the Sokol organization during the war, and the role of its members in the first resistance at home and abroad. The exhibited items and picture gallery will introduce the major personalities of the Sokol movement during this difficult period. Although the war caused the temporary suspension of many international and domestic sports events, it did not mean the complete end of sports activities. Sports were organized at the front and in the hinterlands, as documented by a number of photographs in numerous photo albums. In addition to the exhibited sports equipment of the period, there is film footage of the Sokol sports activities of the Czechoslovak legions.

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