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m³ / Art in Space

Prague - various places
Provided by: Umělecké studio BUBEC (


6. 6. 2017 – 1. 10. 2017

m3 is an upcoming open-air art exhibition during which will Karlín become a venue for concerts, exhibitions and performances. Through the interventions of selected artists, this exhibition seeks to interact with a space within the city in an unusual manner, and to offer visitors and local residents contact with contemporary art. The exhibition is not generationally defined, and its intermedia conception allows works ranging from classic sculpture to graffiti.

This year, the district of Karlin was chosen as a dynamic and rapidly-evolving area near to the city centre. The heart of the quarter is largely dominated by the massive baroque building Invalidovna which was used as a dormitory house for war veterans.

Accompanying programme

  • concerts, performances, workshops for children and adults
  • more


  • Matěj Frank, Jakub Geltner, Kryštof Kaplan, Lenka Klodová, Pavel Korbička, Vojtěch Míča, Aleš Novák, Jan Paclt, Martin Skalický, Petr Stibral, Čestmír Suška, Samuel Šrom, Timo, Jan Zdvořák


  • Radek Wohlmuth, Daniela Kramerová

Admission free

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