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Martin Velíšek: Being Silent

Galerie Václava Špály, Národní 30, Praha 1 - Nové Město, 110 00


30. 6. 2017 – 3. 9. 2017

Martin Velíšek (* 1963) is a Czech artists whose work spans the media of glass and canvas, animated film, covers, packaging, photography, sculpture and more. His work is referred to be grotesque, gothic or absurdist; he himself avows a self-conceived school of Parealism. His dominant team is the body of a man; his pictures have a clear composition.

In 2002, he received the Czech Lion award for the creative aspect of the film Fimfárum by Jan Werich as well as an award from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic for the most beautiful book of the year 1997. He has exhibited in Paris, Rouen, Vienna, Hannover, Munich, Frankfurt, New York, Seattle, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Nuuk, Segovia, Melbourne, Mostar and Warsaw. In addition to the Greenlandic Myths and Legends he also illustrated Babička (The Grandmother) by Božena Němcová, Animal Farm by George Orwell and many other books.

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