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Protective Services

Czech Police Museum (Muzeum Policie ČR), Ke Karlovu 1, Praha 2 - Nové Město, 120 00


18. 4. 2017 – 22. 12. 2017

The exhibition draws on the current activity of one of the elite police units. During the tour, the exposition personalizes the daily work of policemen and employees of the department in the protection of buildings, embassy missions, protected persons not only on the territory of our country but also in the world. The exhibition also gives the visitor a look at the cover of many service sections of the service, which remain hidden from the public eye and allows viewing a number of archive video clips of police officers' work, often nicknamed the "police box".

Part of the exhibition are also the models of important historical buildings of the Czernin Palace and the Chamber of Deputies, which, as important headquarters of state institutions, enjoy the highest degree of police protection and were lent for the purpose of presentation by the National Technical Museum.

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