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STIMUL Nights: Keiji Haino (JP)

MeetFactory, Ke Sklárně 15, Praha 5 - Smíchov, 150 00



6. 9. 2017

Stimul will host one of the most mysterious and most extreme musician that Japan has ever produced.

Keiji Haino, a sixty-five-year-old legendary musician, is still hiding behind his black glasses, dark clothes and long gray hair with its characteristic fringe and will perform in the MeetFactory on September 6th. He is a legend in the music world because his concerts are full of energy and unexpected experiences. His most recent performance in Prague took place at Stimul in 2007 and we are delighted to repeat it after ten years!

"It is easy to be a god", says Keiji Haino, a man who within the rehearsal before each performance, gradually breathes all the air in the club to identify with the place where he will later do one of his legendary sonic rituals; and to prepare the venue with the necessary atmosphere.

The vocalist, guitarist, and percussionist, who performs electronically, and with a barrel organ (hurdy gurdy) as well as exotic instruments, ranges his guitar sound from jazz, blues, rock, and free improvisation all the way to ritual music. Some of Hain's performances can last for up to four hours and Haino has been known to work just with his voice, small rattles and clinkers, and dancing for some performances. Legend has it that he once took a cymbal and smashed it with full force into a freshly painted wall. Music – mystery – you never know what you’re going to get.

"If Stimul has memorable evenings, this must be one of the most memorable ones. Starting with guitar and singing and a rock sound, Haino gradually began improvising tribal blues with a tiny Japanese string instrument and gradually built a massive wall of sound using four digital theremins and a percussion machine. Everything resonated with a shamanic thrill, the confidence of the old master and the ideal balance of nature and unexpectedness," says dramaturgist Petr Ferenc about Hain's last performance in the Czech Republic.

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