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Edguy (DE)

MeetFactory, Ke Sklárně 15, Praha 5 - Smíchov, 150 00



2. 10. 2017

EDGUY celebrates the 25th anniversary and releases a new album with a tour and a stop in Prague!

It's been already 25 years since EDGUY started to play. They have grown trough the years and released 10 CDs. The latest one is planned for this year and it will be something really special! The newest release "Monuments" is inspired by the band's history. It will be a double album with a mix of new material as well as the biggest hits from their repertoire.

EDGUY will show us the new songs LIVE in the Czech Republic as a part of their "25 years — The Best Of The Best Monuments Tour 2017" tour! Come celebrate with EDGUY their 25th anniversary in the only performance in the Czech Republic! The concert will take place in Meetfactory club in Prague, October 2!

promoter: Pragokoncert Bohemia

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