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Jatka78, Bubenské nábřeží 13, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00



3. 10. 2017
4. 10. 2017

Imaginative circus adventure.

L'Avventura is a vivid adventure that surprises the audience over and over again. Jori and Rasmus invite public to the adventure that is built from small things on stage and in people's minds.

Adventure begins when a line is drawn to a black wall and the constant change begins. Scenery varies and the perspective changes constantly in front of people's eyes. Spaces and levels grow, things appear and disappear and performers try to keep up in the adventure. Jori and Rasmus search for each other and move from scene to another one and to a new perspective like in an old computer game.

Illusions of different spaces and perspectives are created in front of the public without any high-tech or video effects. Empty floor turns to a 2D space that rises to a 3D building and returns back to an empty floor. Jori and Rasmus adjust to the constant change and finally find a common space, where the new adventure begins.

The adventure is powered by music that changes with spaces and moods from classical to jazz and computer beats. Mixed styles and their controversy to the actions of the performers create a base and surrounding for the delight and small gestured humor of the performance...

Clunker Circus

director > Maksim Komaro

performers > Jori Reunanen and Rasmus Witikka

length > 50 min

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