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Sexmob (USA)

Jazz Dock, Janáčkovo nábřeží 2, Praha 5 - Smíchov, 150 00



26. 9. 2017

The band came together in 1996 for a weekly residency at the legendary downtown NYC venue The Knitting Factory and in 1998 released its debut, Din of Inequity. They were followed by 2000's Solid Sender, 2001's Sex Mob Bond, 2003's Dime Grind Palace, 2006's Sexotica, 2009's Sex Mob Meets Medeski: Live in Willisau and 2013's Cinema, Circus & Spaghetti: Sex Mob Plays Fellini. All showcased Bernstein as a remarkable arranger and interpreter, and Sexmob as a group with a totally distinct style and method, yet one in line with jazz tradition. Bernstein explains: "Covers to me means you play it just like the record. I just take songs that I feel have a great melody and do them in my style. So I'll pick a tune and tell the guys, 'Let's Sexmob this!' And I realize that's what jazz musicians have always done. That's how Lester Young and Charlie Parker and Miles Davis got popular. They played the songs that everyone knew. And because they could recognize the song then they invited them into their style. "

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