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Alfred ve Dvoře Theatre, Františka Křížka 36, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00



24. 11. 2017
25. 11. 2017
4. 12. 2017
6. 12. 2017

Opening the doors of perception, sans drugs.

In the fifth minute, she walks from the table to the red armchair. In the seventh, she notices a small hole in the wall. She is preoccupied by something throughout.

Anežka, Kateřina and Nataša pick up an apple, a knife, a mousetrap and a glass of wine. They walk around the table and sit in armchairs. We circle around this situation in subtle variations until it engraves itself in our memory. Until it allows us to notice details we would not usually allow into our consciousness, because they seem unimportant to us in those moments.

Our brain constantly simplifies reality in order to allow us to navigate everyday situations. It often distorts something or leaves it out entirely. What would happen, then, if we could witness a panoramic view of a moment, in several layers at once? Could we even orient ourselves in such a panorama? Would we not lose ourselves in what really happened?

A devised piece inspired by conceptual art, about what happens between the sound of a chair being pulled up and someone sitting on red upholstery. The expansion of conciousness without drugs or attempts at drama.

director > Klára Hutečková

performed by > Anežka Kalivodová, Kateřina Dvořáková and Nataša Mikulová.

performance length > 1 h

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