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Making Places: Fieldoffice Architects + Huang Sheng-Yuan

National Technical Library (Národní technická knihovna), Technická 6/2710, Praha 6 - Dejvice, 160 00


6. 10. 2017 – 3. 12. 2017

Sheng-Yuan Huang (b. 1963 in Taipei) studied architecture at Tunghai University in Taiwan, and received his master’s degree from Yale University in the US. Following graduating, he worked at Eric Owen Moss Architects and taught classes at North Carolina State University. After returning to Taiwan, he founded Fieldoffice Architects in 1994.

Fieldoffice Architects, which has received increasing international recognition over the last few years, represents a somewhat un-European, ego-free direction of architecture, in which the architect is more akin to a doctor or an adjuster. Huang has remarked that architecture’s roots lie in nature. Fieldoffice Architects has concentrated foremost on urban projects and performs a kind of city-acupuncture, making necessary interventions into the existing structure. The bureau’s most significant works on display here are represented in the form of models, drawings, photos, and texts, but completed structures can additionally be explored through video interviews and film tours.

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