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Beyond the Edge of Glass

Galerie Tančící dům (Dancing House Gallery), Jiráskovo náměstí 6, Praha 2 - Nové Město, 12000


13. 9. 2017 – 5. 11. 2017

The exhibition presents ten glass artists of two generations. The first generation are artists who started to use glass as an original sculptural material and moved it into the fine art. These artists are famous for their original intervention into the fields as painting, sculpture, graphic art, theater or architecture. Marian Karel, Vladimíra Klumparová, Vladimír Kopecký, Dana Zámečníková and Jiřina Žertová present not only various ways how to work with glass. They participated in significant projects in the Czech Republic but also in the USA, Germany, Japan and other countries in the world.
Although the young generation follows up their famous professors, they use glass in the most innovative way, combining it with new materials and using new contemporary technologies.

Accompanying programme:

19. 9. from 18.00 a guided tour of the exhibition
12. 10. from 20.30 jewelery show called Jewelery, sculptures, design
17. 10. from 18.00 a guided tour of the exhibition
3. 11. at 19.00 a jewelery show called Jewelery, sculptures, design

Opening hours: daily 09:00 - 20:00

Adults - 90 Kč
Kids / Students / Seniors - 50 Kč
Family entrance - 180 Kč
ZTP - Free

Combined admission for two exhibitions "Beyond the Edge of Glass" + "13 rooms of the first republic"
Adults - 200 Kč
Kids / Students / Seniors - 100 Kč
Family entrance - 400 Kč
ZTP - Free

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