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Nikon Calendar 2018

Nikon Photo Gallery, Újezd 19, Praha 1 - Malá Strana, 118 00


13. 12. 2017 – 21. 1. 2018

Also this year, the NIKON Corporation organises a photo charity contest called Nikon Calendar – My Heart ´s Affair. The project is intended for all those who work with Nikon photographical devices and like competitions and want to present their works.

The topic of the competition is inspired by a Nikon´s anniversary; this company was founded exactly before 100 years. Therefore, the topic of the exhibition is called One Hundred Years with Nikon. The committee will select 50 pictures, which will be presented in the Nikon Photo Gallery. From these pictures, 12 pictures will be selected and they will be published in the prestigious Nikon Calendar 2018, which will be published just in 111 copies.

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