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Pedro Henriques: Fasting

National Gallery in Prague – Veletržní Palace (Národní galerie v Praze – Veletržní palác), Dukelských hrdinů 47, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00


19. 10. 2017 – 7. 1. 2018

The exhibition brings together a series of recent and newly developed works branched under the notion of speed and its understanding and implications up on contemporary life. Through the use of prefabricated objects and volumetric use of text and imagery, Henriques constructs uncanny objects, the formal and conceptual quality serves as a continuous reference to the human body. Objects, which resemble prosthetics i.e. artificial extensions of the (human) body, question our present understanding of the human and its gradual transition from the human to its supposedly post-human form. The body here is dissolved trough a multiplicity of transparencies into fragments, which are re-organised and composed into new objects questioning contemporary methods of representation and appearance, but also, and most importantly, processes of cognition, materiality, virtually, artificiality and the context by which they are shaped. Using the cognitive methods applied up on the present world of the virtual as a tool for the construction of a world of its own, the present exhibition aims to constructs a scenery of uncanny objects, whose seductive materiality reminds us of the growingly immaterial world we find ourselves in today.

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