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Avishai Cohen Trio

Forum Karlín, Pernerova 53, Praha 8 - Karlín, 186 00
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21. 12. 2017

Avishai Cohen became popular thanks to his original compositions. Nowadays, he belongs between the between the most distinguished jazz bassists in the world. Now with his Trio he brings fresh arrangements to the stage, performing many audience favourites from his past recordings alongside several new compositions.

Accompanying him on stage is one of the most diverse, versatile and fresh voices to emerge from the current jazz scene, pianist and composer, Omri Mor. His musical spectrum spans from Classical and Jazz, through to Arab – Andalousian, Algerian Chaabi and Latin music.

Avishai’s other partner on stage, is the multi-talented and gifted percussionist Itamar Doari, whose complex and polyrhythmic sounds have influenced the emerging Israel music scene.

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