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Ripple Effect

Futura, Holečkova 49, Praha 5 - Smíchov, 150 00


27. 9. 2017 – 26. 11. 2017

The idea for the exhibition Ripple Effect originates from a curatorial attempt to research and re-evaluate young artists’ applications for this year’s edition of Jindřich Chalupecký Award. 

Three works by three internationally recognized artists Darren Bader, Carey Young and Egill Sæbjörnsson are positioned as precursors of the intrinsic inquiries of the exhibition that open up and expand to include works by young artists active on the Czech art scene. The exhibition title suggests a system of relationships, where a single drop may cause effects much larger than the initial insertion. Works by the international artists serve as such thematic drops, initiating dialogues related to the symbolic value of art, its judgment and categorization, the politics of the art world establishment, as well as self-awareness and self-reflection of the artists and their works placed within such structures.
Ripple Effect is a conglomeration of forces that are inherent in the processes of creativity and artistic endeavor; through looking at and bringing forward the current concerns that not only concentrate on the ontology of the artist, but also the spectrum of relationships that play a crucial role in the processes of artistic production. Ripple Effect, hence, is a portrayal of semantic links that are at play, and a subjective study of the young Czech scene whilst drawing in inspirations and influences from an international discursive context.

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