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La Fabrika, Komunardů 30, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00



17. 9. 2017

We’re here, we are among you. We are fast, we don’t respect the wind. We are strong, yet vulnerable. We love to watch you while you seldom know about us. We can’t change your destinies, but you often change ours. We share one world, but watch it from different perspectives. Does this mean that we can also share the same values?

A dance piece about human beings and their relationship to the environment, animals and themselves. Riders draws inspiration from birds and the role they have played in our culture and traditions. Birds are silent witnesses to our stories and as such they are exceptional: their world is elsewhere, it is a world of different dimensions. Birds have always played an important role in mythology, faith and our spiritual richness. Who are the true “Riders” of our planet? Is it birds with their capacity to move freely around the world? Or is it us, with our capacity to destroy everything within hours?

Dance piece of the year 2013 → festival Czech Dance Platform!

concept & choreography: Lenka Vagnerová

performers: Markéta Frösslová/Tereza Voříšková, Andrea Opavská, Ladislav Cmorej/Štěpán Pechar, Tomáš Červinka and Radoslav Piovarči.

length: 1 h 30 min

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