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Prague Burlesque Royal: Dames of Porcelain

Royal, Vinohradská 48, Praha 2 - Vinohrady, 120 00
Web:, e-mail:
tel.: +420224211444


28. 10. 2016
4. 11. 2016
11. 11. 2016
18. 11. 2016
25. 11. 2016
2. 12. 2016
9. 12. 2016
16. 12. 2016

Here comes the third season of famous Prague Burlesque Show held in the beautiful Royal Music Hall.

In a short period of time, this wild group of artists have managed to turn Prague into a burlesque capital. Paris has its Crazy Horse or Lido, as well as London, Berlin or New York. However, for a long time Prague lacked a good scene (except the National of course), which would attract a worldwide audience. Prague Burlesque has been successful already for two years. A new program called Dames Of Porcelain refers to a well-known film by director Juraj Herz. In collaboration with leading Czech designers, this show becomes a perfection composed of the most fragile components. Don't be an elephant in a china shop, come and sit back, release your senses and go on a wild ride with no restrictions. But be careful! Ladies are (not) made of porcelain!

The main stars of the evening will be again: Lady Mousellyca, Angelina Angelic, Miss Cool Cat and Sonny Vargas. Along with these great Ritzy Dancers and a deranged footman.

doors open: 20.00

after party: Dj Love Decoder

tickets: 690 CZK

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