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The International Festival of Outdoor Films (IFOF)

Lucerna Cinema, Vodičkova 36, Praha 1 - Nové Město, 110 00


9. 12. 2017

The International Festival of Outdoor Films (IFOF) is a competitive touring cine-meeting of outdoor films.It focuses on sport and outdoor, adventure, extreme, adrenalin and travel film.

It has following categories:

A) adventure and extreme sport film – sports in the nature (except climbing, mounteneering and water sports), skiing, extreme skiing, bikes, paragliding, speleology etc.
B) climbing and mountaineering film – climbing sports, mountineering expeditions, climbing on ice, polar expeditions, mountain landscape, man and mountains.
C) Adventure water sport film – rafting, water sports, kayaking, canoeing, yachting, diving, surfing, long-distance swimming,underwater speleology etc.
D) Travel film (film travel topic not ranked in categories A,B or C)
N) non competitive film
Programme: here.


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