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Ich kann nicht anders

New Scene (Nová scéna), Národní 4, Praha 1 - Nové Město, 110 00



5. 10. 2017
6. 10. 2017

The authorial poetics of the Beton Ltd. collective is characterised by a search for personal entries into the global issues — a search for new, hybrid forms of performing, and a mastery of performing techniques.

Ich kann nicht anders is their fifth performance, where a counterpoint between complete intimacy and reflections of the global events reminds us of the thesis by Srećko Horvat that a true revolution is always a revolution of everything, all social relations, including the most intimate ones.

Performed in Slovenian language with Czech and English surtitles.

Beton Ltd.

direction: Beton Ltd.

cast: Primož Bezjak, Branko Jordan and Katarina Stegnar.

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