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Lukáš Svoboda's School of Draught Beer (Škola čepování Lukáše Svobody)

Draught beer pouring courses for individuals and groups under the leadership of (Pilsner Urquell) International Master Bartender 2010 competition winner, Lukáš Svoboda, are for beer lovers and aficionados, who want to learn absolutely everything about their favourite drink.

Lukáš Svoboda's School of Draught Beer (Škola čepování Lukáše Svobody), Míšeňská 12, Praha 1 - Malá Strana, 11000

Entrance fee


3200 CZK

The course includes 5 to 6 hours of pairing beer and food, theory and history of beer production, examples of different styles of beer pouring, mixing beer drinks and practice behind the bar. Course participants will also receive the book ‘Draught beer-pouring with Lukáš Svoboda’ and a gift.

Birthday draught beer pouring includes 2 hours of teaching for the birthday guest of honour with the master bartender, an hour of familiarization with the technology and beer keeping in the restaurant and an hour’s practice behind the bar. While the restaurant service is in full swing, the birthday boy/girl will learn to pour a draught beer in various way, and will learn how to correctly serve beer. They will truly experience what it is like to be the bartender. Included in the price of the voucher are 20 beers (“hladinka” style) and a gift for the birthday boy/girl.


  • Draught beer pouring course 3200 CZK/person
  • Birthday draught beer pouring gift certificate 2300 CZK



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