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The Stanislav Sucharda Museum (Muzeum Stanislava Suchardy)

The Museum is located in a Villa built by the studio of Jan Kotěra in the years 1904-1906. Sucharda was much involved in the decorative finishing touches of the Villa, whose interior incorporates several of his sculptural works. The main parts of the Sucharda Villa remain to this day as designed by Kotěra over a hundred years ago, including the interior details. It is the only Villa by this important founder of Czech architectural modernism that has survived almost intact.

The Stanislav Sucharda Museum (Muzeum Stanislava Suchardy), Suchardova 1, Praha 6 - Bubeneč, 160 00
Web:, e-mail:
tel.: +420775683090

Entrance fee


100 CZK


50 CZK