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DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

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This multifunctional space for presenting international and Czech art, architecture and design is located in Prague’s Holešovice district, in a renovated complex of industrial buildings from the 19th century. DOX is considered to be a dynamic cultural platform and an arena for confronting varying approaches and trends. In addition to exhibition space, you'll find a café, a bookstore and a design store.

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Opening hours

January – December

10.00 – 18.00
11.00 – 19.00
11.00 – 21.00
11.00 – 19.00
10.00 – 18.00
10.00 – 18.00

Entrance fee

180 CZK
90 CZK
300 CZK


  • DOX Centre for Contemporary Art
  • Poupětova 1
  • 17000 Praha 7
  • +420295568123


  • Karel Nepraš: Family Ready for Departure

    In 2012, DOX put on a large retrospective exhibition of the work of leading Czech sculptor…

  • Viva Luboš Plný!

    Luboš Plný (*1961) is the only Czech artist represented at the Viva Arte Viva! international…

  • Daniel Pešta: DeTermination

    The De-Termination is the largest solo exhibition of this multimedia artist in the Czech…

  • Together Forever!

    Magda and Zuzanka share their little lives through phone conversations. The first cannot be…

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