Palazzo Akropolis

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Un centro di cultura indipendente che offre straordinari progetti musicali, teatrali ed artistici. Qui vengono presentati artisti nazionali ed internazionali della scena musicale e teatrale. Ogni anno, questo luogo ospita circa 950 eventi culturali.

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  • Palazzo Akropolis
  • Kubelíkova 1548/27
  • 130 00 Praha 3
  • +420296330913
  • +420296330911


  • Lapalux, Carlos Cipa, Occupanther - Spectaculare 2018

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  • Entropía

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  • Nik Bärtsch & Sha - Spectaculare 2018

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  • Circusbattle

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  • Mulatu Atatke (ET)

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  • Carpenter Brut

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