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Jewish Customs and Traditions / The Course of Life, Part 1.

Jewish Museum in Prague – Klausen Synagogue (Židovské muzeum – Klausová synagoga), U Starého hřbitova 1, Praha 1 - Josefov, 110 00


permanent exhibition

The first part of the exhibition "Jewish Customs and Traditions" presents everyday worship, the Sabbath and holidays. Visitors can explore the basic characteristics and sources of Judaism. Display cases in the central area show prayer books and ritual objects used during weekdays and on the Sabbath. The second part of the exhibition is called "The Course of Life". The tour begins with the theme of birth. It focuses in particular on circumcision and the redemption of the firstborn. Another milestone in life is reaching maturity. Traditions of betrothal and marriage in a Jewish household are presented with an emphasis on typical ritual objects.

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Information source: Židovské muzeum v Praze