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Studio Alta

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Die einzigartige Künstler-Plattform bietet Raum für verschiedenste Formen des Neuen Theaters und lockt vor allem das kritische Publikum. Das Studio versteht sich als offene Szene für sowohl schaffende Kunstgruppen, als auch einzelne Künstler.

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  • Studio Alta
  • U Výstaviště 21
  • 170 00 Praha 7
  • +420723476180


  • Nothing Sad

    A dance game inspired by J. Kepler´s essay ‘On the Six-Cornered Snowflake’ — a catchy reading…

  • Horizon 8

    “Man is the history of men.” Jean Paul Sartre We are not isolated in time. The human history…

  • Partial Uncertainty

    Partial Uncertainty discovers. Researchers examine possibilities of language and its…

  • Bestiary

    Originally inspired by the allegorical transformations of real and imaginary animals in…

  • Saturday Bazaar

    The Saturday Bazaar is the center of the 2018 Bazaar Festival. Over the course of the entire…

  • 1.7

    Just what is this number? A new mobile phone model? I googled it. Beta 1.7 Minecraft 1.7…

  • Nostalgiáda

    Czech-Slovak-German dance retro project about the “good old times”. Czech choreographer based…

  • Corridor Piece + screening of movies by Jean Gaudin

    Niels, Billy and the Corridor — the trio got together in June…

  • Lˈamour

    A performance about love and about the ability to discover, be present, and to respect and…

  • Die Rache

    “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” (Confucius) A psychedelic…

  • Hit by a Flower

    A documentary performance about three women in time and space. They are courageous…