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What’s up in Prague — 12 tips for inspiration - Spring 2017

Spring weather is enticing us into parks and gardens, as well as exploring new businesses and shops. To make things easier, we bring you a selection of 12 fresh tips on where to go for great food or coffee, shopping or just to have some fun.

  • photo: Café Rudolfinum

Loď Pivovar (The Ship Brewery)

Dvořákovo embarkment, berth no. 19, Prague 1 – New Town

Prague has its first brewery on board a ship! A microbrewery named by its proprietor laconically as the Ship Brewery is moored off the Dvořák embankment at the Štefánik bridge. Here on two decks they brew three varieties of beerthe ten-degree ‘Legion’, the sweeter twelve-degree ‘Republic’ and the dark, thirteen-degree ‘Monarchy’. The other two taps are there to host visiting speciality beers, in addition to which you can sample dozens of world beers by the bottle. The Head Brewer is planning to start brewing the strongest beer in the Czech Republic soon – the 34-degree ‘Titanic’. The wide variety of beers is complemented by the specialities of the local kitchens, focusing on Czech classics as well as home-made cold cuts.

Design Mode

April, 28–29 / New Town Hall, Karlovo náměstí 1/23, Prague 2 – New Town

The new Design Mode market will introduce design in combination with good food, drink and great music. Held at the New Town Hall, it will present famous Czech brands, but also international designers, as well as young, upcoming designers and art school students. Among the artists represented here are also some of those involved with recycling and upcycling. Also at the ready are art workshops and a concert by the British band The Silver Spoons.

River Food festival

May, 12 — 14 / Náplavka — Hořejší embarkment, Prague 5 — Smíchov

A brand-new festival of all things gourmet burst onto the scene on the second weekend in May, on the Smíchov upper embankment waterfront. River Food festival will entice with its menu of top-tier dishes, picnic places in the adjacent park or its culinary workshops. Some of the festival will take place directly on the Vltava River, with pontoon-based stalls and places to relax. The organizers have prepared a children’s corner and a music programme, Friday night will feature the popular stand-up comedians form the Na stojáka show! The price of a one-day tickets bought in advance is 100 CZK, and 150 CZK if bought on-site. Children are admitted free.

Bistro Fresh and Fat

Štefánikova 21, Prague 5 – Smíchov

The new Bistro Fresh and Fat has opted for linking modern gastronomy with refined design. The team of chefs proudly claim that in addition to the fifth flavour, umami, they also know how to evoke a sixth. Healthy fat is, as they see it, a flavour-bearer in its own right, and they know how to work with it here so amazingly that you absolutely need to find out for yourself. The stylish Fresh and Fat is just the place to have breakfast, served from 7:30 to 11:00 am, or you can just pop in for lunch.

Šťastná kavárna (Happy Café)

Ladova 2045/1, Prague 2 – New Town

A penchant for select food and coffee led Marie and Vašek to open their own coffee shop. Happy Cafe will excite anyone who loves high-quality products. Its proprietors work together with local producers – their premier selection of coffee comes from the Nordbeans roast-house, their soda from Prager, their pastries from Naše toustárna. Desserts and mini snacks are produced directly by the proprietors, with all due regard to a healthy life style – the menu will satisfy devotees of raw, and vegans alike. Semi-finished products, white sugar or artificial flavourings are strictly out of bounds in this establishment’s cuisine.

AMA Tibetan Restaurant

Slavíkova 15, Prague 3 – Žižkov

AMA in Tibetan means mother. Cooking like mother’s best is promised by two long-term Prague resident Tibetans, Shenphen and Sonam. The first Tibetan restaurant enriches the gourmet map of Prague with more exotic flavours – stuffed pasties, soups or variously prepared meat and vegetables. The lunch menu is always ready to suit both meat-lovers and vegetarians, the drinks menu includes home-made soft drinks and juices, wine, beer, coffee, with Tibetan tea a speciality. The restaurateurs also want to spread an awareness of their home culture, in addition to Tibetan gastronomy. AMA will invite you to lectures, courses and concerts.

On the banks of the Rhône

Francouzská 246/84, Prague 10 – Vinohrady

The Rhône family of wine bars has acquired another addition. Another eponymous establishment has opened its doors at Francouzská street, sought after largely for its relaxed bon-vivant atmosphere. The French wines you can sample here from specially tailored ‘cabinets’ have been carefully selected by the proprietors and imported directly from the winemakers. There are various French specialities here too, to add that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to a relaxing glass of wine …

Café Rudolfinum

Alšovo embarkment 12, Prague 1 – Old Town

Two years on, and you can once again enjoy a good coffee and dessert in the elegant café in the columned hall of the Rudolfinum. Café Rudolfinum makes choice La Bohème coffee, complemented by the menu of Italian chef Gian Luca Giardi. There will be no shortage of fine wines here. The Café styling aims to contribute to the artistic ambience of the place, which is so infused with music and art. It will be open after the philharmonic performances as well as for passers-by. A place to be pampered, from noon till night.

Passage of Czech Design

Na Příkopě 24, Prague 1 – New Town

Inspired by European cities, proponents of Czech applied arts have opened a Passage of Czech Design. The passage running through the ground floor of the Czech National Bank building, connecting Senovážné náměstí square with Na Příkopě boulevard is newly adorned with the works of renowned domestic artists and brands. Among them are products by Daniel Danes, Zuzana Kubíčková, Kristýna Venturová, Petra Skopalová, as well as brands like SITUS, Resiné, Brokis, DKKD, Modernista and PRIM. The exhibition space remains open to other interested parties. In the future, the aim is to hold themed workshops, events and debates with world-renowned designers in the arcade.  

The Merkur Activity Room at the National Technical Museum

Kostelní 42, Prague 7 – Holešovice

The phenomenal Merkur construction kit is yours to enjoy in the newly opened activity room at the National Technical Museum. The central theme of the models on show is mining and metallurgy, while the actual machines used in these industries are on display in the adjacent permanent exhibition. In the playroom, which is for kids and adults — there are enough pieces of this modular construction kit to let loose your engineering imagination. In addition, there are building blocks for the youngest visitors, and a computer game that lets you experience mining work. The room also has an ongoing projection of television bedtime stories.

The Conductor – Street Food Maestro

Francouzská 78, Prague 10 – Vršovice

The proprietor of The Conductor take-away bistro prides himself on making his customers feel like honoured guests; who deserve the very best his kitchen has to offer. Every day, a culinary outing in a new direction awaits you. On the menu here are a diversity of soups, and pork jerky in home-made buns marinated in the house special BBQ sauce. Among the favourites are Mac 'n' Cheese American pasta, Thai curries, Indian delicacies or a Vietnamese stew. To finish on a sweet note, order the irresistible cinnamon rolls.

Book Therapy

Římská 35, Prague 2 – Vinohrady

Get some Book Therapy in the new Vinohrady bookshop of the same name. The proprietors ensure you get a hand-picked selection of the best in design, fashion, lifestyle, architecture, fine art and photos. Not lacking are select titles concerning erotica, gastronomy, or gardening. Most of the publications here are only available as limited edition originals. The minimalist interior showcases the beautiful book covers and dust jackets, making you feel like you are in an art gallery.


author: Kateřina Bártová