More Than Great Coffee

In recent years, Prague’s coffee scene has been moving forward at a rapid pace, and the city now proudly holds its own against any caffeine metropolis. Why is Prague unique for its coffee?
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    Global Trends

    In Prague, the impact of the third coffee wave has combined with the new generation of young professionals enthusiastically dedicated to coffee. Prepare yourself for high-quality Czech roasters, premium coffees, all the current trends, and a diverse and clued-in coffee scene.

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    Friendly Prices

    The intense competition and popularity of cafés with the locals has kept prices at a reasonable level – in Prague, getting top-notch coffee (several times a day) is not a luxury but a sensible choice ;)

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    Prague’s long history gives every café a unique context. Architecture, design, and art blend together in businesses both old and new. The variety of styles and the individuality of the various neighbourhoods are what makes Prague special.

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    Divine Desserts

    Czech sweets are delicious and pair well with coffee. Cafés often make their own desserts in-house, or else have them made by a local baker. Cakes, pies, cookies, cream puffs – don’t even think about leaving before you try one.

Guide book Prague Cafés

In Prague, stylish new cafés serving expertly prepared on premium coffee sit right next to traditional cafés rich with history and charm.  Let us show you the current Prague coffee scene with all its hidden gems! Pick up your free copy at any of our information centres, order from our e-shop (you pay only for shipping & handling) or simply dowload it.


A Cup of History

Magical spots where history, culture, and architecture come together.

Cafés with Atmosphere

Picturesque hidden nooks, atmospheric outdoor seating in courtyards and gardens, charming cafés in trendy neighbourhoods.

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Modern Cafés

These new ("Third-Wave") cafés are all about premium coffee and expert preparation. 

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