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2018 is no ordinary year for our Republic. 100 years since the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic, 50 since the Prague Spring (1968) and other historical anniversaries (1938 and 1948). All have fundamentally shaped national identity and ordinary people’s destinies. Come with us to revisit the recent past and the fateful eights of our stormy 20th century.

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Our visually rich and varied anniversary "digest" Prague:1918-1992 draws your attention to interesting buildings, works of art, monuments and other things of note that bring Prague’s Czechoslovak era to mind. Great for a casual read or as a source of travel inspiration -- why not celebrate Czechoslovakia's 100th birthday with this fun booklet?

Additionally, our downloadable brochure Prague: 1918-2018  details the history of Czechoslovakia, its most important figures and places associated with its founding. A handy list of major events commemorating the anniversary rounds out the content.

The brochure and digest are both available at our tourist and information centres or via our e-shop.

Key figures and their stories

Places associated with the founding of Czechoslovakia






Other events

Other events organised in order to commemorate the anniversary from the Declaration of Czechoslovakia.

  • Bedřich Smetana: My Homeland (Ballet)

    Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, would like to invite you to the two festive…
  • Festive Military Parade

    One of the highlights of the centennial celebrations of the Czechoslovak State will be a…
  • XVIth All-Sokol Meeting

    In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary from the declaration of Czechoslovakia, the Czech…
  • 1918–1938

    A NEW EXPOSITION WILL BE OPENED ON OCTOBER 28, 2018. The exhibition project the First Republic…
  • 1945–1989

    A NEW EXPOSITION WILL BE OPENED ON OCTOBER 28, 2018. The exposition of the post-war art will…
  • Charles University: Children’s Day

    The aim of the children’s day is to present modern Czech history in a playful way. Visitors…
  • Libuše

    The speculations about whether Libuše is Bedřich Smetana’s most mature work within the context…
  • Kylián — Bridges of Time

    “Dance does not only serve to express joy, sorrow and emotional states of mind, it can also be…
  • Legiotrain 2018

    The Legiotrain is a project of the Czechoslovak Legionnaire Community, which commemorates the…
  • The Excursions of Mr. Brouček

    At the present time, when we bear witness to pitiful “truth” and love” being prevailed over in…


A Brief List of Milestones in the History of Czechoslovakia

History for download