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The Conquest of the North Pole

Žižkov Theater of Jára Cimrman, Štítného 5, Praha 3 - Žižkov, 130 00

  • drama


  • Fri 22. 11. 2019 19.00

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In December 1908 four members of the Podolí cold water swimming society set out on an expedition to conquer the North Pole.

As they head bravely toward their goal, the intrepid  band of explorers must battle against  the depression of the polar night, sub zero temperatures and lack of food. Inevitably tensions develop within the group.

The second of the Cimrman’s comedy classics to come from the Cimrman English Theatre.

author > Cimrman, Smoljak, Svěrák

directed by > Brian Stewart

cast > Brian Stewart, Brian Caspe, Peter Hosking, Curt Matthew and Michael Pitthan.

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