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Stone-masonry monuments in Bohemia, from the 11th to the 19th century

National Museum – Lapidary (Národní muzeum – Lapidárium), Výstaviště 422, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00

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permanent exhibition

The exposition show-cases acquaint visitors with mining, the use and processing of rocks used for stone-masonry, as well as how damaged stone artefacts can be cared for. In other showrooms we see in chronological sequence from the end of the 11th to the late 19th century a series of monuments crafted by stonemasons, from the conventional to the exceptional, and sculptors from the commonplace to the very best.
   Among the exhibits are many works that rank among the best artistic manifestations in Czech fine-arts history. Among the most well-known are e.g. sculptures from the Peter Parler smelter, which had once adorned the Old Town Bridge-Tower, the gilded statue of the Virgin Mary off the marble pillar on Hradčanské square, the classicist statues by Ignác František Platzer from the Kinsky palace in Prague as well as some figural sculpures that once decorated Charles Bridge, by Ottavio Mosto, Jan Brokof, Matěj Václav Jäckel, Ferdinand Maxmilián Brokof and Matyáš Bernard Braun.

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Information source: Národní muzeum